Video: Lai Hlasakthiam Van Hlei Sung Nih Kawlram Ca Nunnak A Pe Mi Upat Peknak Caah Hla Pakhat A Sak

Kan Lai(Chin) hlasakthiam Van Hlei Sung nih Kawlram buainak kongah nunnak a thap mi hna tuar pi nak caah hla pakhat a sak i, video chung ahcun amah hawi le nih a thi mi hna upat pek nak tete selfie in hman a thlak ter hna i a langhter chih. Mirang hla a si tikah a sullam thei lo mi kan tam ngai ko lai nain hibantuk thinlung le lungput a ngeih mi hrimhirm hi uar a um ngaingai.

Ti hin amah facebook page cahmai ahcun a rak tarlangh “I’ve gathered some of my friends around the world to take a selfie in honour of the fallen #HEROES during the military coup and to show support for #CDM. We hope you enjoy and we hope the song brings peace and hope.

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who participated. Due to some technical complications, some pictures got lost or couldn’t fit in the videos. We would like to apologise and we hope you understand.” ti’n mirang holh in a langhter a sullam tawinak fiannak cu a cunglei in ka rak langhter cang mi kha a si ko. Credit: Van Hlei Sung (A tanglei ah a hla video a tuahmi zong ngaih khawh chih a si lai).

A Dang Thawngpang: Kalay lei in ralkap thazaang an rak chap caah Hakha ah kakdohnak a fak kho tiah CDF Hakha nih thawng an chuah.

Kalay lei in ralkap thazaang an chap caah Hakha kah doh nak a fak kho tiah CDF Hakha nih thawng a chuah than. CDF Hakha le ralkap pawl 2021 May 18 le 19 ni hnih chung kahdohnak ah ralkap leiin hliam a tuar m minung 19 renglo an si i a thi mi minung 7 an si, cun ralkap lei nih CDF Hakha cycle 30 mei in an khangh piak hna tiah CDF Hakha ca chuak mi ah kan hmuh .

Ram chung thawngzamhnak ah Hakha kahdohnak thawng he peh tlaiin ralkap lei in mithi an um lo tiah a luan cia mi ni ah khan thawng an thanh. Credit: Chin World

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