Hlasakthiam Milla Hniang FB Page ‘Hack’ A Tong, Sexy Hmanthlak Zohdawhlo Lawngte An Post Piak, Amah Zong Lungrethei In A Um (Report Tuah Cio Hna Usih)

Milla Hniang hi Chin (Lai) miphun nih cun a thei/hngal lo kan um lai lo dah, Lai hlasakthiam zong a si i mirang hla zong tampi a sami a si pin ah a umnak USA i mirang tampi zong nih an theih hngalh taktakmi pakhat a si ve. Anih hi a ngakchiat tein USA ah a phaan cangmi a si tikah mirang holh zong mirang bantuk tluk bakin a holh kho mi a si.

Tutan ah Facebook page a sermi “Milla Hniang” cu hacker nih an hack piak caah a tuhi lungrethei ngai in a um cuahmah lio pi a si tiah theih a si. Atu a hman cuahmah liomi Facebook Account zongin Hack a tonnak konghe pehtlai in ca a ttial cang. Hi a page an hack piak tikah Sexy hmanthlak tibantuk le video tibantuk hna zong an post piak hi a si. Chin miphun zong nih bawmchan cio hna usih, Milla Hniang page ah lut in report tuahkhawh cio i zuam hna usih. Pakhat le pakhat kan i bawmhchanh cio a herh cucu amah zong nih bawmh a kan hal ciomi a si.

Hi hack a tonmi konghe pehtlai in tihin amah facbook ahcun ca ttial, mirang ca in a si caah a tawifiannak in kan rak langhter lai “Ka Facebook page Milla Hniang cu zeitihmanh in ka tuaitam kho ti lo. Zohdawhlo hmanthlak le a dangdang hna zong keimah i post mi an si hrimhrim lo, Screen shot tuah riangmang in rak ka kua ti hlah uh tiah kan nawl hna. Mit ka ngei ve ko i hi kong ah hin ka lungre zong a thei, page tu ah lut cio ulaw report tu ka zuampiak cio uh tiah kan nawl hna” tin a ttial ning a si.

“Yes I’ve lost complete access to my Facebook page Milla Hniang this is a serious hacker. I’m obviously not the one posting these irrelevant and disturbing posts on my page. Please stop sending me messages with screenshots of my page – I have eyes. I’m stressing a lot about this, if anything I’m asking for your help to go report the page, thank you. ps GAURANTEED I will get my shit back from this loser” -tihin Mirang ca in a ttial ning a si.

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